Reviews for "Sydney Hunter"

I felt like I was playing the NES and I liked it. It is kinda tough and I know if I got use to the controls I would be playing this all day!

its a good game i haven't found a single glitch! its fun to play great graphics too

This is so good, It's criminal that it doesn't have more views!
I haven't gotten that far in yet (2nd round) but what I've played so far has been great. The graphics are great and the gameplay is smooth. And that lightning effect is really cool.

You should really post this on other portals around the web to get it more attention.

The style of the game is wicked cool! While the layout of the controls is a little different for me, it wasn't a big learning curb and I'm loving getting through the rounds! :)

I really liked this game. Its is a very solid plataformer, based in old school gameplay. Good execution in the control responsiveness. If anything I would add music, the BGM was too generic and couldn't create the feel of engagement I was hoping to get.

I think you should play this game.