Reviews for "Nam-Cap"

Not only is it a rather clever pac man spoof it may just be more fun than the original. pressing 5 to insert coins and 1 to start the game seems a little random, why not 1 and 2, but since this game comes from a bizzaro world I'm willing to look past that.

This will always be the TRUE Nam-Cap.
Tips: If you have a full heart, avoid kings. Also, when it comes time to at kings, guard the mini-hearts until they despawn.

All my five R belong to this! The gameplay is good, the music is reversed but good, and it is pretty much the best Pac-Man clone that I've ever played! I wonder if there were Sulp Nam-Cap, Nam-Cap Repus, or Lap dna Cap? Maybe Nam-Cap .Sm? Maybe even Nam-Cap .Rj? I wouldn't know because I never been there because it doesn't exist. Am I rambling? Sorry. It's just a good game. 5 stars!

It's about a butt pooping and at the same time eating ovals with arms, legs ,and jughead hats..........I think


I can the reverse pacman sty le