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Reviews for "Don't Escape"

A classic scriptwelder game

thi is anmazing game i got my to play and she hates games.

Added to my favourite ones!

I love any creation of any kind -- writing, performing or visual arts, whatever -- that turns a formula on its head, and this game certainly does that. What a great concept! Some of the processes, however, were less than intuitive (e.g. what to do with the potion, and what to do after you figure *that* out), which is admittedly part of the fun, but I hate having to rely on walkthroughs to enlighten me. I wind up feeling monumentally stupid!

That's a secondary complaint. My primary one was with the Lego-sized pixels. Old school graphics can be fun, but they made a game of this sort quite frustrating and hard on the eyeballs.

Personal frustrations aside, this is a dynamite notion for a game. I'm trotting off now to play the sequels, and to check out your other games.

i have no fucking clue what to do