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Reviews for "Madness Rapidness"

LOL WTF happened Gujit's all part? XD

Lol, its was Pretty nice bro, probably better than mine but i dosen't have found any effort of you once again djjaner and parts was getting old. once again, gibb50 teh best !

R.I.P. Madness comunity

Except for gibb50 (good work) and djjaner's last clip (i lol my ass off the voice acting) the rest was just disgraceful, bad usage of project nexus sprites, nothing new, original or interesting on their clips, im getting sick of these generic collabs with no-sense killing, people want to see something fluid and new, NEW, something never done before or hard to do...

about the intro, its ok, looks original, but i found the animator cast too small to read, nice music btw...

Djjaner responds:


dont waste your time on that!you can better

Djjaner responds:


good movie