Reviews for "RETROZOID"

Fun game! WOW I knew this was going to be a good game as soon as I read the description, surprisingly though it needs improvement now I don't know if they come in later levels but I didn't rum into any Pixel power-ups so after the players beat each level they need to have some way to repair their ship it doesn't matter if it's collecting money during the game or if the get a certain amount of pixels based on how many enemies they defeated or what but they need some way to repair their ship in between levels. 3.5/5

SoftWarewolf responds:

When you see a single pixel coming in straight with a mild blinking around it, that's a collectible pixel. The fewer pixels your ship currently has, the more frequently they come.
If i make a sequel i will implement some kind of collectible currency, so you can choose specific upgrades. But you should give this one another shot :) What's fun about the current system, is that the new pixels are attached to where you touch it.