Reviews for "[Chillstep] Adrift"

Some people might not like it, but I enjoy the bass in this song. It gives you a tiny bit of an active feel while still feeling calm. Instead of someone just being adrift (I like the title too), there's something still happening around them, whatever you imagine that to be. Keep up the great work... you should do more of these, I really like them!

That's exactly what I need.

too great i dont know what to say ._.

Wow, just amazing... "adrift" is the perfect name.

It's such a good, chill melody. The whole thing is so relaxing and I just love it. The pad in the background works well too, and the piano complements it so well.
But the wobble bass is a little out of place. Why is that there?
Also I would have expected the drums to be a little lighter.