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Reviews for "Prison Dad"

This animation is beautiful! Voice acting could be less echoy.

Starktoons responds:


I would like to think that this is what occurs when a some people get out of jail. The animation is nice & clean, & I feel that the advertised law firm is a poke at all of them. I was surprised (in a good way) about how clean the jokes were, considering the topic.

Starktoons responds:


Another great one, you really got the classic animation skills down. And the humour is priceless. Cheers!

Starktoons responds:


This is impressive if it's all original. It has the moxy of a radio show skit.
Delightfully absurd. Albeit a little disturbing how their heads sort of squish up and down like they're inflating and deflating.

This is relevant to me because my dad also went to prison.
Some of my frands have too, and hoh boi you pick up a lot of interesting things from prison culture.
And you mirrored that well here.

Hah. Make more of these.

Starktoons responds:

Best comment for this toon ever!

Something seems to be a bit off about this, its alright, but not great. The jokes are kinda ruined by the vocal quality.

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