Reviews for "MEGAMAN: BETA"

The gameplay is well done, along with the animations, but needs to be updated, and why you cannot shot? would be nice.

The graphics (excluding megaman) are pretty basic: Green Hill, Floating Plataforms..... you can make better things erasing the mainstream concept and starting another from scratch.

Is not for sound like a Douchebag, but please, avoid the publishing of unfinished content like this.

I give you 1.5/5.

So..... the game is just plain bad. So bad I don't think I even need to explain why. I usually don't give 0 stars but I saw how immature you acted when you replied to other reviews. And, I also saw that you said you were 13. So why are you cussing?

Raikhen responds:

i saw in your profile that u don't have any game created so can suck my dick with ur stupid review

Good game. Needs music, sounds and another background.

Raikhen responds:


so hard

I'm Sorry if you Don't Like This Review but I Don't Like This Game & plz Don't be Mean to me I Just Don't
Like This Game

Raikhen responds:

everybody has his likes :)