Reviews for "MEGAMAN: BETA"

Most of your games look like this, now if I were you I would try putting enemies,power ups, and a different background.The controls here are very slippery and it is nearly impossible for Megaman to jump to the next platform without dying. So I am not surprised that this got Turd of the Week.

It's hard, but Mega Man supposed to be hard! DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE WHEN REVIEWING THIS!!!

I admire your ability at your young age (13) but there's nothing I hate more then people who think it can be used as a defence. I'm not going to compare my performance to yours because I wouldn't be surprised if you we're better than me in the next 2 years but at 13 I expect you to be receiving criticism and taking it into consideration a lot better than you do. I've seen your replies to some people and there downright insulting. People should follow the motto "The customer is always right." Technically a game you submit to Newgrounds is your Product and the players are the customers. Argue and insult them, and you'll make you look bad. To everyone. I don't want to be playing the game of someone who calls anyone who makes a negative remark about their product an "asshole."

Anyway onto the actual game. Well you already submitted a games simular to this Ganmizar and Flarez which received poor reviews, so wouldn't you consider improving every aspect of it in your next game rather than just adding a mechanic or two? There's a difference between realistic graphics and being graphically appealing, this falls under neither. No sounds also KILLS your score.

So my advice is to simply work more on the graphical elements of the game a lot more because obviously what's going on right now isn't working. Add sound to the game, this is a MUST have. If you have nothing positive or reasoning to say to the reviews you receive don't say anything. (This isn't a comment box, this is a review section hence why one person can only post one review per flash as opposed to being able to spam the section with pointless comments) Games aren't to be made in a few hours or days, they should takes months or even over a year depending on the game. I understand this was suppose to be the beta but to see how you gave up on the game because you lost the .FLA I can't see that you took this game very seriously any ways.

Anyways, I hope to see good things from you in the future, some my cricism was harsh, but that's life and it's the only way I could of effectively got my points across and the reason I gave you this long review was because I think if you put a few more years into learning flash, you could be pretty good. So I recommend learning more before attempting again. Cheers.

I can't score this game any start whatsoever. First off judging by some of the comments I've seen this creator make this game is far from finished. Second, seeing Megaman, my favorite video game hero of all time got me just a little too excited for this disappointment. A lack of megabuster and any real creativity put me down quick for this game. Maybe if you can put out a FINISHED PRODUCT you might get some better ratings, until then, you get nothing from me.

P.S. While I might not have any game making expertise, I know damn well, after gaming since the NES days, what makes a good game. This isn't it.

Oh, boy, a Megaman game.....with absolutely no effort put into it. I start teh game, and I am greeted by blindingly bright colors and sub-par gameplay. This is Megaman! Where's the army of robots trying to kill me? Why can't I use the Mega Buster? There are so many questions that I don't even know where to start!
Another thing- why is Megaman the only actual game sprite in the game?
So, to sum it up- shows potential, but keep in mind that Newgrounds isn't a dumping ground for WIP games.