Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

1st comment yea

Fantastic game! its about time someone replaced Jewels with monsters :3 5/5

I started this thing up and after two or three moves on the first level, BLAM! KABOOM! BAZOW! COMBOS! COMBOS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE AND BEYOND! And then I cleared the level. This happened on numerous occasions. Even after I lost at about Level 9, I was still grinning like a loon.

This game is ridiculously fun right out of the gate and remains so as it gets more challenging. Bravo, sir or madam. Bravo.


A very good development in this game, considering music, gameplay, graphics, enough instructions (there' no need to make a tutorial as someone said), buttons, medals, and ideas! very good way to re-create this classic game. Though it was a bit fast (and I don't mean animation precisely), I really liked it.