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Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

It was really addictive at first, but then i caught on to the little trick of the cube that flashes. Which lets you know that it can be moved for a combo.

A very good development in this game, considering music, gameplay, graphics, enough instructions (there' no need to make a tutorial as someone said), buttons, medals, and ideas! very good way to re-create this classic game. Though it was a bit fast (and I don't mean animation precisely), I really liked it.

if u want some medals, play this game

Would be good.
I just can't take the hints. It's sooooo annoying that it's always shows a possible move.
Get rid of that.

Excellent game! Exactly like Bejeweled, but without that annoying 'No More Moves' gambit that would cause the game to end without warning or reason.

That being said, it's harder than Bejeweled - thinking in terms of four instead of three is a step up. But I commend the graphics, the music, the gameplay, everything. I would, however, really like to know more about how to kill the big monsters. And a tutorial would be nice.