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Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

Nice game, but not an entirely pleasant gaming experience. First, the mouse is too sensitive to movement, and it forces you to barely move it, which puts a lot of tension on your wrist. Second, I don't know what happened, but I got the 5 monsters on screen twice in the same level, it even showed in your in-game achivement banners, yet I didn't get the medal for it. Third, I made an amazing combo and when it stopped, I had no moves left and the AI forced a shuffle, thus costing me a life. And the same annoyances of Bejeweled happened here: all the colored monsters for a big monster on the opposite side of the screen, big clusters of stones and no bombs aligned to make them explode, and so on,

how may levels are there? I am at 8th and bored
not very new concept, distracting

Fun for the combo sprees, but a combination of no clear picture of what's going on, and being buggy, as in valid moves don't always work, and poor conveyance with how to interact with special squares.

i hate these games

adicting and boreing