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Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

Lv. 13, move one block. Congrats you're going on to level 14.

It's nice i liked it.

Lots of negative reviews but I enjoyed this game.

Sure the game doesn't provide anything new but somethings a face life is welcomed. Besides I haven't played that Bejeweled game in a long time.

Perhaps the few reviewers below me wanted more difficulty early on. I found it too up to level 10 before I was at risk of losing lives. Before that I was getting non stop combos it was crazy.

I can only assume this game is actually a scathing self-parody that we're all too thick to understand. Bland generic graphics, music that loops too quickly, mechanics that have been done many times before and much better, but most importantly: It's not possible to lose the game.

Or if it is possible, I didn't have the patience to find out how, which is exactly the opposite of how it should be. I'm being entirely serious - I tried for so long to get the combos to stop coming so I could see if running out of moves would finally be what killed me. Nope. I got an achievement and the game carried on.

So many goddamn achievements, each less inspired than the last. A few I can see the use of as a sort of tutorial - teaching you to explode stones and suchlike. Most are just there to measure how much time I've been sinking into this game.

And there's no skill at all involved, because when you can't find the right move, the game TELLS YOU WHAT IT IS. For free! There's no time limit, you don't lose points for taking too long or making an incorrect move. A drunken chimp could play this game and still do just as well as I did. Particularly considering most levels practically completed themselves with a single interminable combo that I didn't even have to plan at all - it just happened.

I really am beginning to think this is a parody of casual games. There's a score and lives, but I haven't found out how to lose lives and I don't see a high score table anywhere, which suggests nobody has actually ever finished this game and submitted their scores. So... well done on an excellent and infuriating parody, I guess. Make it less subtle next time, and I'll give you five stars.

Brilliant game.