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Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

Sure, the game is good, the graphics are good but it's just not original and for me that's what counts.

I feel that the graphics are TOO INTENSE. It definitely has put me off into playing this game.

The right game to play when you're drunk, but nothing more.

Is there a point to this game? There is no challenge at all and no way to lose. There is absolutely nothing fun about this game.

- Graphics aren't awful
- Music isn't awful and can even be shut off when the short loop grows tiresome
- It's inclusionary, so even the terminally braindead can play

- Recycled concept
- Not sure if it's even possible to lose
- There are so few colors you'd be lucky NOT to get a screen-clearing combo, and none are ever added as you progress like other similar games
- Pointless Skinner Box achievements
- Hints given automatically with no penalty if you idle for about 5 seconds
- Gameplay never switches up, making this already barebones game a slog beyond the first couple levels