Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

be me
beat level
"cool" look down at phone
look up.
multiplier says rainbow "AMAZING"
beat level
im fuckin awesome

For the people who complain about how "repetitive" it is, welcome to the chain of Bejeweled games. It'll be here forever. This game was interesting, however. I like how it had a more unique style of items that blow other rows up (though not entirely new to the chain, it does offer more thought). But with that, it also keeps the game practically running by itself. Set off one chain, others will follow. Sure, you get badges, but it also plays out. I, myself, do not like games like those, but as previously stated, welcome to Bejeweled lol

Good graphics
Smooth gameplay
Long Chains
Fantastic new style

I'll give it a 3.5
Keep it up.

Sure, the game is good, the graphics are good but it's just not original and for me that's what counts.

I feel that the graphics are TOO INTENSE. It definitely has put me off into playing this game.

The right game to play when you're drunk, but nothing more.