Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

This isn't really a puzzle game, it's more like a 'something to keep your hands busy' game. The way combos build is so quick, and the effects so huge, that you're basically playing with a new board every ten seconds; unless you spend a minute making each move, you can't really come up with anything like a strategy. It's a problem with all Bejeweled mock-ups.

To the people below me; every time you run out of moves, the board randomly reshuffles, AND YOU LOSE A LIFE. If you run out of lives, you lose. You gain a life every 30,000 points. Maybe you should pay a bit more attention to the interface outside of the play area; your lives are clearly shown, and you see the details if you mouse over it.

This game is fun for a while, but with no time limit on it there it gets kind of boring. And because of that the music starts to sound kind of bad, and kind of repetitive. I think if you aren't gonna add a time limit change the music for the different levels. This is the first time I've played this kind of game were three in a row doesn't count.

How can i get "game Over"?

It could do with a little more challenge. I was enjoying it, more or less, until I first got stuck and found my grid reshuffled to allow me to continue. Which is nice and all, but means I'm not really sure what I'm playing for: there's no story, I can't lose, it doesn't get much harder as you go along... The mechanics are fine, but you need to add something to make it worth carrying on with.

This is nothing like Bejeweled.