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Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

I'll admit, It's a pretty worn out game concept, but the game kept me playing for a long time and I enjoyed it a lot. The artwork and creativity was pretty nice to.

I like the layout, graphics, sounds and gameplay is smooth. However, it lacks any challenge, goal or ... anything to keep me playing... let alone replay. Good Effort, keep at it!

In wich case(s) do I lose the game?

This isn't really a puzzle game, it's more like a 'something to keep your hands busy' game. The way combos build is so quick, and the effects so huge, that you're basically playing with a new board every ten seconds; unless you spend a minute making each move, you can't really come up with anything like a strategy. It's a problem with all Bejeweled mock-ups.

To the people below me; every time you run out of moves, the board randomly reshuffles, AND YOU LOSE A LIFE. If you run out of lives, you lose. You gain a life every 30,000 points. Maybe you should pay a bit more attention to the interface outside of the play area; your lives are clearly shown, and you see the details if you mouse over it.

This game is fun for a while, but with no time limit on it there it gets kind of boring. And because of that the music starts to sound kind of bad, and kind of repetitive. I think if you aren't gonna add a time limit change the music for the different levels. This is the first time I've played this kind of game were three in a row doesn't count.