Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

The game's pretty fun at first but it does get repetitive and eventually... boring. I noticed a lot of people complain about how their 3-in-a-row's do not work: revisit the tutorial; it says 4 adjacent blocks (horizontally, vertically or both. no diagonal alignments). And about game overs, yes, it's possible to die in this game. Just use up your lives whenever you reshuffle.

- Fun graphics and music
- Smooth gameplay (no glitches for me)
- Easily blaze through the levels
- Rack in achievements in no time
- Anyone can play it

- No set goals (different from achievements that are based on chance)
- Not exactly challenging. In fact, it's a bit too easy. At least increase the monster colours or add in more blocks or put in a time factor or something to that effect as players move to the next level.
- The hints come too fast. Perhaps let players request for hints in exchange for point deductions or reveal hints after 10 seconds or more.
- Not exactly original -- add a story at the very least to differentiate it from games similar to this.

everyone on about 3 in a row does not work, thats not how its played, its 4 touching. aside from that i really enjoyed it keeping me busy for a while.

-About as unoriginal as a game can be.
-About 70% of the time matches that would've made 3 in a row were rejected.
-When a match actually works, it's far, far too easy. I got to level 6 using only 8 matches.

-The art was pretty decent, the only real positive about it.

Overall: MEH

A nice touch to Bejewelled, though not too original. Weird is that half of the time, I can't make a move that would make a row of 3, while the other half of the times it does work.

Great game though