Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

sorry i just dislike this sort of game

iam not like it this game is pussle game i love action games

Well, at least you admitted you were a Bejeweled clone. And honestly there are some good Bejeweled clones out there.

This isn't one of them.

It's a very simple game, which can work, with no real extra game modes or unlockables apart from achievements. But it is also so easy, and easy and simple is a bad combination. There is nothing to spice up the game and it feels like a monotonous task rather than a game as you go on. Just follow the instructions and you're all set.

I'm giving you most of these stars for the artwork, but you seriously need to work a little more on the actual design of the game. Maybe to a hardcore Bejeweled fan this could be fun, but for the most of us we would rather pass.

It's playing by itself >.>
One move and stage clear? Way toooo easy and boring.

How many hours did it take to make another bejeweled clone?