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Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

Well, at least you admitted you were a Bejeweled clone. And honestly there are some good Bejeweled clones out there.

This isn't one of them.

It's a very simple game, which can work, with no real extra game modes or unlockables apart from achievements. But it is also so easy, and easy and simple is a bad combination. There is nothing to spice up the game and it feels like a monotonous task rather than a game as you go on. Just follow the instructions and you're all set.

I'm giving you most of these stars for the artwork, but you seriously need to work a little more on the actual design of the game. Maybe to a hardcore Bejeweled fan this could be fun, but for the most of us we would rather pass.

It's playing by itself >.>
One move and stage clear? Way toooo easy and boring.

How many hours did it take to make another bejeweled clone?

The game's pretty fun at first but it does get repetitive and eventually... boring. I noticed a lot of people complain about how their 3-in-a-row's do not work: revisit the tutorial; it says 4 adjacent blocks (horizontally, vertically or both. no diagonal alignments). And about game overs, yes, it's possible to die in this game. Just use up your lives whenever you reshuffle.

- Fun graphics and music
- Smooth gameplay (no glitches for me)
- Easily blaze through the levels
- Rack in achievements in no time
- Anyone can play it

- No set goals (different from achievements that are based on chance)
- Not exactly challenging. In fact, it's a bit too easy. At least increase the monster colours or add in more blocks or put in a time factor or something to that effect as players move to the next level.
- The hints come too fast. Perhaps let players request for hints in exchange for point deductions or reveal hints after 10 seconds or more.
- Not exactly original -- add a story at the very least to differentiate it from games similar to this.

everyone on about 3 in a row does not work, thats not how its played, its 4 touching. aside from that i really enjoyed it keeping me busy for a while.