Reviews for "Monsters Hill"

Would be good.
I just can't take the hints. It's sooooo annoying that it's always shows a possible move.
Get rid of that.

Excellent game! Exactly like Bejeweled, but without that annoying 'No More Moves' gambit that would cause the game to end without warning or reason.

That being said, it's harder than Bejeweled - thinking in terms of four instead of three is a step up. But I commend the graphics, the music, the gameplay, everything. I would, however, really like to know more about how to kill the big monsters. And a tutorial would be nice.


Game help said that one life adds every 30000 points. I had 90000 points, and haven't got a single life.
Gameplay is totaly random. You match some monsters, and get 100 combo, or lose. Some strategies can be used to increse chances, but not much can be done, really.
The game lacks possibility to scale game field, everything is way too small.
Overall it is a high quality game with some significant flaws.

It's nice, nothing new but fun. I'd give it a higher bonus but half of the links don't seem to work for me, and I honestly don't think it's due to my pc.