Reviews for "Assured Destruction"

This made me hungry for Mexican food.
Also, scat humor and defense... those are among my favorite things for my entertainment. It was also very good as a defense game as well as being funny.
Good shit.

Choga responds:

Oh the puns! xD Thank you for your positive feedback!

Them good 'ol Logic Apple loops. <3

Choga responds:

:P Thanks!

Overall, this is a rather funny game.

I beat the game the first time without using the cheat, and that took me several hours to complete all the upgrades and get all the little "Uber helper dudes" as I could. Speaking of the "uber helper dudes", the note regarding them at "Jose's Tienda" says that you can "buy at most 150 of him"when I was able to buy 151 of them.

The animation is a tad bit crude, but that is part of the "charm" of this game.

Now if there only was a game where one can shit on Washington D.C. and the shitheads who "work" there as "elected" officials...

Choga responds:

I'm glad you found it to be funny :) and I am very happy to hear you finished it completely! Thanks for pointing out the bug with the uberhelperdude numbers. Your feedback means a lot!

I prefer a woman's ass but this game was very good

I would like an even more polished sequel.
(maybe where you can choose the gender, haha)

Choga responds:

Lol, actually, during development, the concept of a girls butt came up. Maybe for the sequel :P. The next project I am working on is completely different though. Thanks for the feedback!

this game is so..... SHITTY

Choga responds:

OH THOSE PUNS! Thanks lol