Reviews for "Assured Destruction"

awesome game!

Choga responds:


Good too know that there are still people with the mind of a duck, creating such games and spreading joy all over the universe. Your game and your humor are great!
But the game itself is too easy, shitting in reality is way more challenging than that
(espesially if you have eaten a HOT taco).

All in all an awesome game, but as said too easy. Oh.. and the last medal doesnt work (at least for me)

Choga responds:

I'm glad you found the game funny. Can you tell me which medal does not work? Thanks for the feedback! :)

This a great game to play on the toilet!
I loved that you made 3 shops instead of just one like lazy developers do.
Also the shops were very funny! especially the last shop that is obviously cosco lol.

I think game needs boss battles to make it more interesting.
Its truly one of the best defense games I have played.
At first it tooks like a crappy game but after you get to play it for a while it becomes really good!
Would like if there was some story of why toilet disappear and nice ending.

Trully this game is truly amazing if you get to play it but lots of people did not like the feces humor so that is why the average score.

Choga responds:

Thank you for your awesome feedback! Perhaps for my next defense game I can add bosses and make it more appealing from the get go. I am also very happy to hear you thought the shops were funny :). Thanks again for your feedback.

A new classic

Choga responds:

:D I'm glad you had fun

This game is in classic Newgrounds fashion, definite props for that sir!
I enjoyed pretty much everything in this game. The humor, albeit toilet humor, was hilarious and kept me smiling the entire time I played it.
Well done and I hope to see more of your games in the near future!

Choga responds:

Thank you for your kind words! I am hard at work on my next game right now! I am very glad you enjoyed my game :)