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Reviews for "Sarcastic Walk Collab"

Coolibert walk-cycling molecules!
Looking at this collection of walking experiments just makes me wish I had made something a bit more bizarre. OH well, next time i guess.
The one that wasn't made by clubpenguin300 was a nice ending to the cycle.

Pahgawk responds:

Funny story there. I made that as the default icon while I was testing the menu, and we figured we should keep it in, as a tribute to clubpenguin300, who is the best animator of all time. Unfortunately he didn't accept his invitation to this collab.

I have to say, this was much more interesting than it should've been, and the music was fantastic. Like, c'mon now, its just a bunch of walking cycles. But it draws me in....

My favorite had to be SafePlagiarism's entry.

Again, a great collab based on a simple concept. A DON'T FORGET ABOUT TH AWESOME MUSIC!
Yes, I saw the music in the description, and I DOWNLOADED THE SHIT OUT OF IT!!!
I wonder if could be in a collab...

the walk of dudul, has hemorrhoids in the ass
[kimoshi desus kawaii run]

This really shouldn't have been as interesting as it was. I'm not sure why I liked it, but I did.