Reviews for "Madness Random Shorts"

You got a cool style. And It's always nice to see something different in madness.
5 Stars from me!

my suggestion is: DO MORE like this.
seriously. your art is amazingly epic, with realistic bodies, epic anatomy, and with great expressions, even with the semi-humanoid-faces of madness characters.
the whole thing was great.
also, the humour was hillarious! i hope that your madness day animation will have not onyl the EPIC drawings/animation styling, but also the EPIC humour as well.
(because you managed to combine violence with humour just fine)

so, all in all, it was great.
my fave part was when hank and clown run away from the fangirls, and jebus was all like >: ( haha
seriously, you've got soemthing there, do more like this!
(how did you do it? with tablet, or with the mouse? with FBF or with tweens? i wonder)
it rocked, mayt!

so looking forward to seeing a full episode from you man, it would be cool if you turned a few of these shorts into longer length films *particulary the madness progeny one*


its pretty good for you first ng themed animatin good job :)