Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

i love this game

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks very much!

others have given enough critique, i don't need to insert my inane opinion here. But I will say that I stopped playing after the combat started, because that was when I realized this is the same game I played 20 years ago on my Nintendo.

There's a lot achieved here, but it's doing nothing new. That is the worst aspect of this game in my opinion. For most folks, it's a write-off...but for the Author, this is something to be really proud of. It's easy to TRY and do something like this, or to SAY that it's this or that...but in reality, it's incredible to think that 20 years after Final Fantasy we are now at a point where one person can do in a day what used to take 12 to do in a week.

Great work as a person achievement I think, but I really cannot review this with honesty.

TheEnkian responds:

I'm proud of how far we've come since beginning, although I definitely see your point that it isn't anything new. That was sort of my intention though, I wanted to recreate the feel of those old games before jumping into something more "out there".

Thanks for the feedback though, it's definitely something to take on board for future games.

I can see you worked hard to do this. I know it 'cause this game's awesome. 5 Stars!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks MCStan, I appreciate it.

Nice work! I'm looking forward for the sequel :)
I like to have a story and don't have a problem with reading dialogs, but that is just a personal thing..
I just died a lot in the beginning because I didn't know that I can save and get healed.. I always tried to go into the inn..

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks! The whole series will still be pretty dialogue heavy, but from now on it'll be minimal dialogue at the start so the player can mess around a little beforehand. The story-driven game aspect won't change.

The game does have a problem with balance and that's my fault, but the next game has and will continue to have things which fix that.

I like much the game, but I still need to find out the date on when the full version of JUGGERNAUT will releash, because the full version of the game features a lot of hours-game time!

TheEnkian responds:

This actually is the full version, it's just the first in a series of four games. This game is far shorter than the others and the second will be out soon. JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising has many hours of game time.