Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

This game has great potential but lots of flaws. Please adress them.

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for checking it out anyway. We have a lot of ideas to help us improve.

seems like lots of potential. didn't make it far though. i feel lost and confused what and how to do. needs mouse control, quicker walking speed and map with teleport option

TheEnkian responds:

It's simply a journey to the canyon, the maps have one entrance and one exit so it's just a matter of looking around. You don't have to go through each map over and over though, once you unlock the next one you can fast travel and skip other maps in between.

As mentioned, the difficulty was simply too high. Not that that is a bad thing, but coupled with the lack of strategy, it made it very repetitive. I had to level up just so that I could flee before the enemies could hit me.
But if you improved the battle tactics and somehow managed to add some more strategy, it could be a very nice RPG. Everything else, the music and the cutscenes were very polished. The art style was interesting. It was fairly basic yet not irritating and seemed to suit the style.
In the next one, make sure the difficulty and progression is right and encourages the player to continue. Getting through it was a strain, I'm sorry to say. And if you can make a more in-depth, strategic combat system, it could be perfect.
The story line was simple enough. Not enough to be able to judge how the rest will be though.
If you fix up the combat and progression, it could be a very decent RPG.

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, the difficulty seems to be an issue for a lot of people unfortunately. A lot of the main issues that people have with this game will be dealt with in the next for sure. Thanks for the compliments about the other aspects, a lot of effort was put in and it's nice to see that it's appreciated.

Well, the game is really slow, no running buttons or anything, and dealing with enemies is a pain, and is there more moves than magic?

The graphics can be better, that's for sure,

And, it's an okay RPG, so it's a 3 and a half stars

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, I've been working on other stuff since I finished art for this and my pixel art abilities have definitely improved. Hopefully the next one is more impressive on that front.

A lot of people aren't happy about the running speed, it's something that should be increased for next time. Thanks for checking the game out.

It's much too slow paced, which is a common problem with RPG's. You should be able to skip past fighting animations and stuff.

TheEnkian responds:

I see your point. That's something to look into for next time along with all of the other improvements we want to make.