Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

plez change the A and S buttons the other direction. i dont know how many times i ment to press S to get out of the A to get into

A=get out

S=to get into

TheEnkian responds:

I'm not sure if it's because I'm left-handed, but I found it to be easiest doing it with S = Proceed, A = Back. Sorry if it feels a bit awkward for you.

Fun, Addicting, Good looking, Catchy music and good game play...Over all an Incredibly awesome flash game!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks very much for the positive review!

For some reason when I go to load the game all I get is a white screen . Other than that its an okay game

TheEnkian responds:

That's a bug that we thought we fixed before release, but it seems to have recurred somehow. Sorry about that.

I don't know what exactly causes the white-out glitch... but apparently looking at the menu after some odd combination of variables causes the glitch, as it was after I did that (after looking at numerous other variables) that I caused the glitch. I tried replicating the act by viewing the menu alone at the start, but that didn't seem to do it. Still, might want to take a look at the menu code and make sure it functions properly.

I know it doesn't result from refreshing (or Flash crashing) when you're outside Vana, during a fight, or when you're on the map, nor does it result from Aura joining your party (well, that variable alone). I don't have much patience to beta-test this further, but I figured I may as well state what I did test.

I do not claim to be a professional beta tester, just somebody with an analytical mindset who knows the scientific method.

Anyways, the game is definitely playable besides the loading glitch (loading DOES work most of the time, as my testing has shown!) although it's also a bit too slow-paced at the beginning. My solution to the slow pace and the grinding needed to level up is to increase Jash's, Tyson's, and Amara's level 1 stats to what they would be at level 6, then decrease the starting level to level 1, keeping everything else the same. Essentially, start them out with the stats they should have at Level 1! I'd do something similar for Aura (but of course have him be a few levels above the kids to start out).

I'd play it more if I knew how to avoid that loading glitch, or if said glitch was fixed.

TheEnkian responds:

I appreciate you checking out the game and doing some investigating for that glitch, thanks.

Based on a lot of the feedback we've got, we're likely going to go for a bit of an overhaul to the engine, controls and stats so it's quicker paced and that loading glitch isn't there.

Thanks for making this game, it's sure bring back old memory :)

TheEnkian responds:

Thank YOU for playing the game :)