Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

fake pre-loader.

This does not belong on the front page. The loading screen is bland and looks like a prototype alpha screen. The games resolution is borked beyond comprehension. The cutscenes are unskippable, the music and sounds are decent as are the graphics but this game doesn't nearly reach the level of polish required to reach the front page. The combat mechanics are downright archaic and the story is more bland than white bread.

It seems like its trying to mimic old school RPGs but its not doing a great job.

Enemies kill you in 2 hits in the second area. Mobs don't drop money for the stupidly expensive potions that you desperately need to get through each area. 1st boss kills your whole party in 3 hits.

This game is just bad.

good game but it's SLOW

this is not an RPG, this is barely even a GAME. The combat is dull and repetitive, the controls are clunky and difficult, the game looks like shit and the developers have never played an RPG before, under no circumstance should you have to randomly fight foes, foes should be always present on the map, visible and avoidable, another thing this game fucked up on is the fact there is no character customization, who the fuck are these three kids? Why do I care about them? Why should I care about them? This story is HORRIBLE, we get no backstory at all, just three kids going to a canyon. This game needs a lot of work, try playing a real RPG game, something solid like dungeons and dragons, from what I can gather this game takes insperation from the god awful "RPG" series final fantasty, a TERRIBLE series for basing anything other than a lawsuit for mental damage on. I am not doubting you can make a good game, I am saying you fucked up twice and need to start again, try working with someone who knows how to program next time.

TheEnkian responds:

Try the second one out that was released today, it's far FAR better. If you don't like that one then the series may just not be suited to your tastes. Ah well, it happens.