Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

ok, the game looks nice, but there are a lot of issues as most people are saying, monsters are way too hard, it would be ok, if it didnt take so long to lvl up, or if lvling up would actually double your hp and dmg output, but it took me about 20 minutes to get from lvl 5-6 to see my hp go up by 10 and dmg by 1, seriously this isnt enough. the monsters should also drop more stuff, make it stuff we can sell because we need a shtload of potions, but cant buy any cause we dont have enough money, i think this game could be very interresting if we could actually play it. thx

Not bad for an amateur attempt, I suppose. Here are my suggestions for improving it:
- Speed up combat, a lot. On top of that, add some flair. Characters barely move when they do anything
- The walking animation seemed too slow which is something considering Jash is taking his time already
- Add some text to the save screen in the beginning, I had no idea what it was and just mashed buttons when I was presented with a bunch of blank rectangles. Also, why make me select "save" as well? Just let me pick the slot and go.
- Was Amara's spiel necessary? It's like, "Hey, I've played an RPG before, shut the hell up. I don't need you explaining things 'in context'."
- I didn't get far, probably because enemies in the very beginning of the game taking five hits is bullshit. Make it one, two max.
- "Miss"ing is not fun. Remove it or make base accuracy 100%.

Finally, get player feedback before you release the game next time. If you did, consider getting it from somewhere else because they didn't help much. Don't get discouraged, just keep learning and I'm sure this will become something decent.

This game is kind of okay. The graphics aren't that good, but they're nice. The music doesn't quite fit, but the music is overall good. The plot? I've only gotten to the third area (counting the town) as of this point, so I can't really say anything about that. The gameplay? That's where the rant in this review is.

The elements are basic, but they're not very original. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light, Dark, Soul... Hundreds of RPGs use those same elements, but at least they're more original.

The movement is so sluggish. It takes 3 minutes to go to another area (not counting battles), where I can do the same thing in other RPGs in 1 minute, again, not counting battles.

We also encounter battles too often. This wouldn't be a problem if we moved around faster. Fast movement and a high AOBPH (Amount of Battles per Hour) is good, and slow movement and low AOBPH is good. Slow movement and high AOBPH? HELL.

Missing in battles is demolishing. Normally in RPGs, when I miss, it's easy to recover from it, since I deal decent damage, and the reason I missed is just because the random number landed somewhere outside the of the 70%. But, here, I deal so low damage (you're usually dealing mid-20s until you level up, and then you're dealing low-30s.) and miss so often (Tyson once missed three times in a row. THREE. TIMES.) , it's extremely hard to recover from it.

From the enemy's point of view, it's the opposite. They:

- Deal high damage
- It is unlikely for them to miss
- They can throw their elemental attacks at us 2-3 times per battle

That's another thing, we can't use elemental attacks until we level up. That's extremely annoying, as it is giving the enemies the upper hand. At least give us some sort of Power Attack!

On a related note, trying to level up is tedious. We don't get enough EXP from fights, and, as I have mentioned above, fighting is hell.

Plus, the items enemies drop are near-useless. They sell for a low price, and it costs way too much to buy stuff. Not to mention that it's not that likely that they will drop anything.

I know I have said a lot of stuff that a bunch of other people have said, but, GOD, this game... I feel like ragequitting and not playing this ever again.

However, the few reasons I am not going to do that, as well as the few reasons I am giving this two stars is:

1) I have not played it all the way through, so I don't know what the plot has in store for me.
2) This is just the first game. The next games can be far more improved over this.

I hope the next game will be better.


TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for the in-depth feedback. I can assure that for the next instalment there'll be a lot of difficulty overhauls and I've worked most of the graphics and they're also a considerable improvement.

The main issues that will be dealt with next time around:
- Longer game for more character development.
- Character/enemy balance more in favour of the characters so you can do numerous battles before becoming concerned about health.
- Experience gains are improved so levelling isn't such a chore.
- Enemy item drop sell values higher so you have more money to spend.
- Better/more varied elemental attacks based on the elements.

One thing I want to address though is the % chance to hit. That's based on the characters' speed value (between 1-25) and the base accuracy (75%). So what happens when a character attacks is that they have a chance to hit of (speed + 75)%. I think that you missing three times in a row is just down to bad luck.

Anyway, thanks for the response. Any feedback we get we're going to use to make a better sequel. Hopefully this doesn't seem like an empty promise and we can deliver a game that you'll consider a big improvement.

If you have any further suggestions or plot issues if you finish the game, feel free to drop me a PM so I can make further notes.

what is this, an alpha? it looks like the worst zelda/pokemon crossover i have seen and there's no way to save or see any info about your enemies

Too grindey for my taste, and the poisonous mushrooms are really annoying, forcing you to go back to the city and waste all your money on antidotes, the beginning is too slow dude, you need to make it more interesting to hook players