Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

I love RPGs like this, and from what I've seen so far it looks like you've put work into the characters and story, but until you fix the problems other reviewers have mentioned, the game is unfortunately unplayable. The party should be able to withstand more than two battles before having to return to town to heal. It's as if you didn't even bother playtesting to see how ridiculously tedious the game would be in its current state. Why are the very first monsters you fight so much more powerful than your characters? Why are there no better weapons or armor to purchase? For that matter, why do the monsters not even drop any money? I will certainly play this game if you fix it and make it playable. Clearly in designing this game you were inspired by the classics like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. You should use those same games as a guide for building the combat/item/stat systems as well. The original Dragon Warrior was tedious as heck, but it was a walk in the park compared to this. In short: concept and story - good. Balance and difficulty - absolutely terrible.

It was interesting, but for some odd reason when I buy items at the store and use them during battles it glitches and does not let me use them.

Man, I'd love to play this. Too bad it freezes in the middle of the begining dialogue in the forest.

You know, there is nothing more I hate than an unpolished games that keeps destroying any progress I make in the game. I have started 3 different games, and I have lost I progress for each one, and have had to start over I suggest you take that into consideration for your next game in the series. Also, the save feature is not saving properly. It does not save progress.

Totally not a fan