Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

it's an all around good game but needs some work. I HATED how ever 10 seconds in the forest a random encounter happened. maybe lower that a bit. also you could probably clean up the animation a bit. slow speed was a problem too. this game can be great if given enough attention so just keep workin on it and it'll just get better and better. ;)

TheEnkian responds:

All the feedback we've gotten definitely gives us a much better starting point for the next game. I'm making a point of balancing the game better, lowering random encounter rate, adding mouse controls and a few other things. Thanks for the response.

This game reminds me a lot of final fantasy, but yeah its a pretty good game :)

TheEnkian responds:

That's a big compliment. Final Fantasy was my main influence for this game.

Fun little game, might feel grindy if you don't know what to do.

If someone is having a hard time - flee is 100% success, so you just flee enemies until reaching pre last location, get the final party member and then you can actually do side quests rather easily or don't bother and go for the final boss and spam the orb attacks/auto attacks when out of mana. Canyon location automatically enters you into game end, so don't enter it if you want to do side content first...

Also - a little bug is that if you beat game and choose to load the save it will simply give you white screen... I thought it was supposed to give us chance to do side content instead.

little slow. bats destroy you really quickly. glitched out after accessing the lake area and trying to go back to town with a blank screen with an exclamation mark in the center....

TheEnkian responds:

Exclamation mark in the centre? I haven't seen that bug before, it's worth looking into. Thanks for checking the game out.

Hi void, ty for the game, looks promising. I wont make another post listing area of improvement, since its already well covered.

I ll only said one important thing :

I think you missed some obvious things in the initial release (difficulty, items, slow speed etc).
I am afraid that you might miss more on the update.
The solution: PLAY THE GAME YOURSELF (till the end ?) one time before releasing the update. Or ask a friend to do so. Obvious problems will appear :)

Good luck !

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, we'll do our best to address all of the main issues and as many of the minor ones we can for the next game. Hopefully it's a lot more stable and far less difficult.