Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

Neat! Though, at first, I had no idea how much EP my ability/element would consume. It seems that every ability/element takes up 16 EP per use. I'd also like to see, in the options menu, key-binding. I'm not sure why, but the "S" and "A" keys feel funny to me. Anyways, I can't wait for the sequel. Keep up the good work!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks very much! Yeah, we've added mouse controls this time around as well as having a number of keyboard commands, it'll be a lot easier to handle the new menu system and battles this time around.

It won't be long now until we're finished, we only really have to do a lot of clean up stuff and get the stats properly balanced and we'll be done. It'll be out sometime this summer if all is well :D

its an ok concept but everything about it is slow battle animations are slow movement is slow exp gain is slow monsters are op for the beginning i cant find and want to keep going its a nice concept but i dont see it being worth 3.5 stars honestly but its not a bad game but just too slow in general for my taste

TheEnkian responds:

Fair enough points. I would honestly agree with a few of them. Thanks for giving it a shot anyway.

your game sucks 10000 exp for the first level garbage enemies way to powerful for such a low level i wonder if the creator has ever played a rpg before because this one sucks really bad

One of the best RPG Flash games. can't wait for the sequel!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for the kind words! We're about 95% finished with the sequel, it should be released in the summer period if all goes well. You can keep an eye on our Twitter pages for any info and screenshots if you're interested.

Nice work! I'm looking forward for the sequel :)
I like to have a story and don't have a problem with reading dialogs, but that is just a personal thing..
I just died a lot in the beginning because I didn't know that I can save and get healed.. I always tried to go into the inn..

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks! The whole series will still be pretty dialogue heavy, but from now on it'll be minimal dialogue at the start so the player can mess around a little beforehand. The story-driven game aspect won't change.

The game does have a problem with balance and that's my fault, but the next game has and will continue to have things which fix that.