Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

I was interested in this game because I saw the second part on the front page. I did now expect a perfectly polished game, however I also expected a lot more.

The biggest problem the game had for me was the gameplay. It feels very slow and boring and most aspects in the game underline this issue.
- First of all I could not distinguish the main characters very well. They were all wearing boring brown clothes with a bit different hair. They all hitted with a stick and their magic spells were just different colours for the same bolt.
- The fights looked static, the characters as well as the enemies barely moved and the whole fighting area had nothing interesting to look at.
- The levels were empty as well as the town. The trees all looked the same and there were far to long pathes through them. It felt as if the game was streched out for no real purpose. Why exactly were all the doors in the houses locked? Of course in real life no one has the doors to their bedrooms opend, however in my opinion it's always nice to find a small treasure if you explore every corner of a town.
- Leveling up was tedious, enemies doged often and most of the time they did not even drop something useful.
- Items were far to expensive and not really that useful. And collecting money is a real pain, do you honestly expect someone to collect 20.000 for the medal?

And then, when I thought I had reached something in this game I tried to reload, however it lead me to a white screen and I realised I had wasted a hour of my life.
I would have liked to find the two hidden extras I could see in the medals however I am not willing to play through this a second time, sorry.

I can give you some points for the graphics and the music. The story was a
the most positive aspect of this game as well. When I went through the menus I did also find the first signs of potential for future episodes in this series. I could see that you have planned a lot more for later parts, however I do have to rate this part on it's own.
I am however looking forward to play the second part, as it looks very promising.

I would vote 2/5 and 6/10 as you put work into it, the story seemed somewhat interesting and I could see some potential, however the save bug honestly annoyed me. 2/5 5/10.

TheEnkian responds:

I know that you've addressed how we've improved a lot of things in this game for the second so I'll keep this brief and give a longer response in JUGGERNAUT II. Initially, it was intended to make the engine a little more interchangeable so that the games came out quickly, but we realised that that just wouldn't work very well.

I feel like I tried to make things too "realistic" in this game in that it would take a lot of training to improve, such basic items from the forest wouldn't sell for a lot, etc. It was a massive mistake on my part and will not happen again in any other games that I make.

i love the game, but i found a bug. in one of the main side quest, the one you kill the creature in the lake for the green egg, when i return to town and buy some potions, when i end talkin with the store owner the same battle pops up and i have to battle the three enemies again.

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, there's a fair few bugs that we didn't get ironed out last time and the game requires a crazy amount of grinding for items and levels if you want to be able to handle some of the fights without having to heal every battle or two. The second game is far superior and if you didn't finish this one, the second one will catch you up on the story.

Good game, but too hard I couldn't finish it. You're on the good way ;)

TheEnkian responds:

Ha, the game is definitely pushing it too hard for grinding. The second game is FAR superior and it catches you up on the story so you don't need to worry about finishing it. I suggest checking it out and seeing what you think, it's well balanced and the items don't cost ridiculous amounts. It also has like six times the amount of content XD

this is not an RPG, this is barely even a GAME. The combat is dull and repetitive, the controls are clunky and difficult, the game looks like shit and the developers have never played an RPG before, under no circumstance should you have to randomly fight foes, foes should be always present on the map, visible and avoidable, another thing this game fucked up on is the fact there is no character customization, who the fuck are these three kids? Why do I care about them? Why should I care about them? This story is HORRIBLE, we get no backstory at all, just three kids going to a canyon. This game needs a lot of work, try playing a real RPG game, something solid like dungeons and dragons, from what I can gather this game takes insperation from the god awful "RPG" series final fantasty, a TERRIBLE series for basing anything other than a lawsuit for mental damage on. I am not doubting you can make a good game, I am saying you fucked up twice and need to start again, try working with someone who knows how to program next time.

TheEnkian responds:

Try the second one out that was released today, it's far FAR better. If you don't like that one then the series may just not be suited to your tastes. Ah well, it happens.

I like much the game, but I still need to find out the date on when the full version of JUGGERNAUT will releash, because the full version of the game features a lot of hours-game time!

TheEnkian responds:

This actually is the full version, it's just the first in a series of four games. This game is far shorter than the others and the second will be out soon. JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising has many hours of game time.