Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

Seems like the game has a lot of potential, but there are a few things that are lacking. There are no weapons or armor in the smith shop, only elements. This should have probably been called 'magic' shop. There is no class balance (magic /melee/ healer) even though everyone has different elements and slightly different stats, everyone is a hybrid class melee/magic type and the difference in elements seems to be slim to none. Maybe put in the ability for one of the characters to immobilize the enemies during multiple encounters, and maybe some enemies could be immune to certain elements, or even heal them if you choose the wrong one.

Some people complain about game balance, but it's a bit tolerable if:
- you don't wander out too far from town so you can keep resting.
- the game would have the ability to move MUCH faster. Put in a 1-10 speed control for combat, up to maybe 10 times faster. There's no reason why it needs to move that SLOW. Getting a miss during combat adds to this frustration, when the game moves this slow. This would also help with the frustration of taking too long to level, as some people have stated.

TheEnkian responds:

I thought Smith would be more general than Weapon Store, although it might have been better calling it something like "Accessory Store" or "Equipment Store" because it doesn't sell weapons in this game.

You've probably heard this quite a bit from other reviews but the you really need to work on the difficulty scaling, I already feel like i'm playing OMGWTF mode.

On the other hand, I love the concept and the story looks like it'll be good, though I didn't manage to get very far because I'm pretty sure I had every Vine Wolf in the land trying to get a piece of me.

I like the fact there's potential for character development, that's always great, and the dialogue which I saw was pretty good too!

Now the combat, you've used a style and system that doesn't usually fail, but sadly it has. All it needs is weaker starting monsters and a great experience give out, seriously, new players love leveling up quite a bit in the first areas, it's a bit of a confidence boost.
Whilst I'm at it, maybe give each character a weak elemental move to start, it would seriously help against the Vine Wolf hordes and it gives a bit of definition to the different characters.

Overall, love the concept and the game on the whole has so much potential it's frustrating! It just needs a little work, on the plus side, you've got Daily 5th Place in the bag with all of its flaws! Good going guys!

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, difficulty has been a recurring bit of a feedback. If it helps at all, once you get the fourth character in your party, the battles will feel like a breeze. It would probably have been a good idea to bring him in sooner than the map before the end now that I have the feedback in front of me.

The story is something I really focused hard on, I've got the series planned all the way to the end and if there's something that I really want to be known for it's that. The combat will definitely improved a lot next time around, it's part of the concern of making a series of games that are closely linked like that. If one goes down badly, the next one needs to be that much better and hopefully we can achieve that.

Thanks for the feedback though, the more we get, the more we can improve in time for the next game being released. The Daily 5th Place was a nice boost too!

Man, I'd love to play this. Too bad it freezes in the middle of the begining dialogue in the forest.

I love RPGs like this, and from what I've seen so far it looks like you've put work into the characters and story, but until you fix the problems other reviewers have mentioned, the game is unfortunately unplayable. The party should be able to withstand more than two battles before having to return to town to heal. It's as if you didn't even bother playtesting to see how ridiculously tedious the game would be in its current state. Why are the very first monsters you fight so much more powerful than your characters? Why are there no better weapons or armor to purchase? For that matter, why do the monsters not even drop any money? I will certainly play this game if you fix it and make it playable. Clearly in designing this game you were inspired by the classics like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. You should use those same games as a guide for building the combat/item/stat systems as well. The original Dragon Warrior was tedious as heck, but it was a walk in the park compared to this. In short: concept and story - good. Balance and difficulty - absolutely terrible.

seems like lots of potential. didn't make it far though. i feel lost and confused what and how to do. needs mouse control, quicker walking speed and map with teleport option

TheEnkian responds:

It's simply a journey to the canyon, the maps have one entrance and one exit so it's just a matter of looking around. You don't have to go through each map over and over though, once you unlock the next one you can fast travel and skip other maps in between.