Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

I have read some of the reviews and I have to agree with meltdowner and Varien. And also, please lower the amount of experience points you need so the characters can level up. Grinding in the beginning in the game is not good. I couldn't even get past the first boss in the canyon, that is, if you can call the first enemy you battle with, which is a robot. He completely destroyed me. Am I doing something wrong? However, I will only detract 1 star because of this.

TheEnkian responds:

He's the boss of the game, yeah, it's not very long. Honestly, I recommend that everybody plays the second game because it's a vast, vast improvement over this one. You're not doing anything wrong, it was just my first game and the result was less than perfect.

Fine execution. I only wish that this chapter were a little longer.

I also found a bug when trying to load my saved game, it just started a new game instead.

Still, 4 stars.

TheEnkian responds:

The second game should hopefully make up for that, it's much longer :)

i like the game but when i try to load all that happens is it goes white forever... but when i play it its a really fun game

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, that's a bug that we could never fix. Sorry for the trouble!

An excellent game , but the only thing i want to know is about the secret medals. Also is too difficult get 20,000 Nerrins that easy. Anyway a 5 stars rating, after this i will try the second part.

TheEnkian responds:

Once you get Aura in your party, interact with the off-colour tree at the back of his house and it'll take you to a new area. You can get a new weapon here which is one of the medals, the other involves walking around there for a minute and you'll find a secret enemy. Defeat him and get the other secret medal.

Like the guy below me, I noticed the second part on front page and I thought it would be nicer if I can finish the first one first. But boy I don't even know if I can even do that, thanks to the problems in the game.

As what people have said, this game is too slow, boring, and dull. First of all, the forest maps are too big and the characters moved too slow. To add, the enemies are too strong so that slows my progress even more. Characters missed too often, and all they can do is auto-attack. So boring and slow. The enemies takes like 3-4 hits to kill, and the enemy can just skill 3 times to kill my characters. How am I supposed to get to the end if I have to heal every 3-4 fights? Sure, I can just flee all of my battles, but really?

Then I thought, I need to grind a bit until they are stronger. Then, the second problem comes in. It is tedious. It is hard. They need so much to gain a level, it's not even funny considering I'm on the FIRST map, and I'm leveling my characters from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 2 (yes, we started at level 6 but it means that lv 6 is practically lv 1). Then when I levelled up, I can only used my skills twice on each before they are out of mana. Perfect. Please dont make your players grind from the beginning. I didn't feel that I achieve anything, no items, no gold, nothing, so how can you expect me to grind on the first place? That's why many good RPGs instead force you to grind on the middle/late stage of the game, because they wanted to lay out the basics and foundation of the gameplay first.

All in all, this game needs some serious boosting in speed and difficulty decrease. It feels so boring and you don't feel any satisfaction from progressing, or even from getting stronger because those are unachievable. A hard RPG doesn't always mean that it is a grinding-intensive RPG.

So, if you are reading this, devs, please be kind to me and pm me the spoiler/summary on what happened in this chapter so I can move on with the second game.

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, I entirely agree. Many design mistakes were made and I admit that it's on me. Writing you a PM with the plot details straight after sending this.