Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

Clunky and slow and moderately glitchy. Several times, due to glitching, characters ended up attacking themselves, or skipping their turn completely.
Also the signpost permanently says "Loading..." in place of the save button, so there's that.
The lack of any kind of interface out of combat, lack of gold earned compared to high price of items, steep exp to level, and long stretches of maze to explore make this more a grueling crawl.
There's a cool premise somewhere in here, but it's spoiled abit by the flaws.

Too slow, too boring, too glitchy. I was willing to play it anyway, but after finally getting my characters to a decent level my save now just loads a blank screen. Awesome.

I was selling items in the store and it suddenly spawned me into fight that I couldn't flee from :/

This game has a great deal of things wrong with it (at least in my opinion).

* The characters walk WAY too slowly. I know there's an item to speed up walking a bit, but it's so expensive that the player has to play for quite some time to earn enough money.
* The enemies do way too much damage, forcing the player to jump back to the signpost after pretty much every fight.
* Levels take way too long to get, and jumping back and forth from town to forest makes it take that much longer.
* Enemies that use status effects (such as the mushroom or the... bat? whatever that yellowish thing is) have their effects work literally every time. There should be a chance for them to fail.
* Status effects do not disappear outside of battle, or after any duration of time; as such, items are required (or yet another trip back to town). Since items are so expensive, this causes the player to make that many more trips back to town every time someone gets hit with any status effect.
* Battles don't give the player any money. How are we supposed to afford potions or resurrection items when we're not earning money?
* Battles are way too slow. Every battle seems more grueling than the last. Add to this the fact that none of the characters starts with anything other than "attack," and fighting gets to be a chore very quickly.
* Player hit accuracy is ATROCIOUS. Not only does it take two full rounds to kill even the weakest enemy, but my players miss 60% of the time, so we're in combat for that much longer and take that much more damage.
* There's no menu (unless there's some secret combination of buttons required to open it). It's impossible to use items outside of battle due to the lack of menu.
* The areas are designed with long stretches and dead ends, which gives the player more chance to encounter enemies, which will then cause him to head all the way back (likely fighting again) just to heal... it's a one step forward, two steps backward type of situation.

A bit of grinding in RPGs is understandable, but this game is a grindfest from the very beginning. It's not just a grindfest... it's a slow, boring grindfest. There are so many problems with this game, I feel I can't give it more than 1 star.

pretty much reminds me of mardek rpg. did you get your idea from that? anyways nice game, even though i didn't play very long because [SPOILER ALERT] the mother bearigator attacked me again while i was in the shop selling some bearigator furs and obviously killed me. i didn't save the game after the first battle because i wanted to get the trading-stuff done before i save. now i'm a bit annoyed and will keep the game in mind for later.

TheEnkian responds:

I think another reviewer asked the same question about Mardek. I didn't play it until after JUGGERNAUT was nearly finished, but it's a nice comparison to make as it's a very well done game.