Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT: Awakening"

Totally not a fan

ThiefofZ said it best. I think this game needs some work before it becomes a solid. Balance is a major key in making a good RPG, and I feel that this is lacking just that. If you can smooth that out, then maybe I'd consider giving this a higher score. Until then, it's not happening.

its not bad, but just needs a little more work... since it takes too long to level up, and little ways to gain money,also, its a bit glitchy. :/

I ended up having the same problem as LordT with the game not loading my last save, plus most of the things TheifofZ said I also agree with, like the high price of items with little ways to gain money, and how long it takes to level up. I had an okay time with the game though, it just needs a little more work.

I thought cool, an RPG. i played til the very first fight i hit elements and it was stuck right there