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Reviews for "Fear Less!"

I loved this game! The simplicity of it was pleasant, and it was very addicting. My only advice would be to possibly add a simple heads-up display, showing distance/time of the current run and the amount of coins collected.

this is really amazing game,I love it<3 :P
Sound perfect match to game :)

i really liked the its addicting well to me it is

This game is fun. It has great art and great music. The design in this game is good enough so that nothing really haunts your dreams and is just too cute! I could drone on and on about the games art and style, but let's talk about the other stuff. The upgrade pool was rather shallow, the only ones that really came in handy a lot were max health and Jump. The game does make up for it with said art and style along with how sort of deep it is. I don't know about you, but this game just really tapped my emotions like that.

i found a philosophical message here the message is that death will come for at some point it is inevitable but if we don't fear death it holds no power over us