Reviews for "Fear Less!"

Pretty simple mechanics, awesome soundtrack, all around good game!

Excellent visuals and music. In a repeating game like this, the player eventually gets tired; personally, it took me a very long time. Is there an end to the game? I got to the end of the track and it just looped :(

fun but I think you lose to much health when you hit anything and even with the highest health recover you can still die way to quickly otherwise its a good game

I really enjoyed this game. It seems a bit repetitive, but that seems to be the point... Break the cycle. So it's cyclical. It's a simple premise, but with a surprising amount of depth. The designs are fantastic, and the music adds another level that is hopeful, youthful, but at the same time, glum and tired. The whole package definately deserves front page, with smooth controls and a great idea manifested in a great game.

innomin responds:

Thanks so much, we really appreciate it! =)
I'm glad you enjoyed the 'recurring' aspect, too. You can break the cycle and have peaceful dreams, but it's a bit of a puzzle (it's not based on distance).

This game is pretty neat,it is simple,great music,nice graphics with a good upgrade system,but getting coins was too easy then it got too hard,so,an 4.5 and my approval