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Reviews for "Fear Less!"

awesome game it's so cool I love it

great style,tight cotrols,cool music,overall cool idea. and its fun. cant wait to see more

Excellent game, kept me coming back for more. It was a lot of fun going for all of the achievements, shame they're not NG medals, though. Really cute graphics and great music, very fitting. My only gripe is that it was a little too easy.

Well, what can i say- AWESOMNESS!! Thank you very much.

I really like this game, but not as much as others. As almost everyone knows, the endless running games have been done to death, but they all aren't bad, necessarily. This is one of the good ones, however, as of most games, I, like anyone else, have some complaints. The story is basic and bland, but that doesn't matter at all with this game. What matters is everything else. The music in this game is pretty well done, giving that eerie feel and making a sort of helpesness. The visuals are extremely nice, I especially like the old pixelated art style of games. The colors give a bright red tone around the protagonist and obstacles, while giving a darker tone to the surrounding, not only giving a good atmosphere to the game, but also makes the objects stand out. This shows that a small color pallet can be effectively used to set tones, so props for that. As far as gameplay goes, the upgrade system is decent enough, and I like the attack system, it gives a uniqueness to the game. And coming up with powerups besides the basic jump, health, etcetera... adds more flavor to the mix of endless running games, being the sword accuracty and the fox ears. I really think the unique power ups could have been implemeted better, as an example, Jet Pack joyride has some powerups to help you get farther or collect coins and such, not that I'm expecting a newgrounds game to be the quality of a game such as that. The controls are smooth, no delays, the sword attack feature is fair, so I have no problems with the control side of the gameplay. My complaints begin with the formatting of the game. I realise that the game is randomly generated, but you could have at least implemented a fair distance between each obstacle. Even though you get a double jump upgrade, it's sometimes not enough, even a triple jump might not even be helpful at points in the game. So as my final results:
Visuals/Sound- 9.5/10
GamePlay- 8.5/10
My Final Rating- 9/10

I think the only way to have made the game better would have been to get the randomly generated order of the obstacles to get a little bit more under control and to add a much larger variation of upgrades, and implemented a few powerups durring the running. I can't wait to see this new project that you will be comming out with, excellent game, and thanks for making these games for all of us to enjoy.