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Reviews for "Fear Less!"

-Visuals are very appealing. Animations are simple, yet effective.
-Music is catchy.
-Gameplay is repetitive, but not in a bad way. The quick mini-tutorial goes nicely and the random spawn enemies makes it to where you can't just muscle-memory things (obstacles seem to be the same, though).
-Upgrades: You used a simple upgrade system, which is fine. Also, unlike other games, the upgrades have an actual effect.
-The only real 'upgrade' that I can think of for this game would be just a status bar with your current run meter, but that's nit-picking.

Bottom line: Awesome game that's quick to pick up and easy to lose yourself in. It's fun to play and makes you WANT to keep playing to try and win. Great submission!

innomin responds:

thanks so much! and yeah, I think that's the #1 nitpick I hear. I didn't include stats like flawless time and distance because I find them distracting and stressful in infinite runners, but I think people like the option.

If I was going to revisit this game and the code, I think I'd make another upgrade type called "Display" that added things like the HP bar and distance/time counters. It would have to be optional, though, so it wouldn't fit very well in the current system. Anyway, just some design rambling! =)

A really nice and addicting concept, especially when you have to upgrade soo much to get all upgrades full. I love the graphic and the storyline, the whole layout of the menu is also very well made and thought out.

Although I can never understand why in some games people don't include all the medals/achievements that are available in-game.

innomin responds:

thanks! we only get a certain number of "points" to allocate towards NG medals, but I also didn't want to flood peoples' profile pages with 27 medals from this one game. kongregate set the standard, though - I used the 3 badges they gave our game (and we had no control over), and added two others that I felt were appropriate. =)

death: DIE me: ill just stay up all night now death: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

innomin responds:

do not want!

YES THE GAME IS STILL HERE! I was really disappointed to see that the game was going to get taken down on March 31st, but since it's still here I guess there's nothing to be sad about. I really enjoyed the retro-like graphics. Unless the game is really going to get taken down NEXT YEAR! UNLESS IF IT WAS AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE! HAHA YOU GOT ME! 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!

innomin responds:

hey, where did you hear it was getting taken down? mochimedia is dead, but the game should still be working fine...

actually, since mochi seemed to be breaking the game at the preloader, I uploaded a new version (now with five newgrounds-exclusive medals). enjoy!

and sorry about the hiccup, mochi told us the game would still work... =( it wasn't an april fools joke, promise!

A really fun game! keep's up the interest without getting dull. More for the muscle-memory/instinctive gamer. I fucking love the art style and the music is beautiful ^^

innomin responds:

glad you like it! I just added NG medals, and old saves _should_ automatically unlock them. =)