Reviews for "Undead End 2"

yes this game is good but fix the elevator plz

Awsome, just need's some more hp drops, no need for the shotgun ammo at the early parts where I usually goes rambo with the axe. AND LISTEN EVEYONE WHO'S HAVING PROBLEM WITH THE ELEVATOR PART! Go to the gas leak place, fix it and go in. When you have entered go to the right side (watch out for the burning gas) and just walk near the wall's and it will eventually pop up a another sign where you wan't to enter or not, yes of course :D

Game is great. Loving the ambiance. Also I like how the game is paced. Just need more health drops, it's okay with out them but for some... Yeah. But I passed with 29% health, nearly dying twice. The game is sort of difficult with the puzzles since I am usually told to do this and that, but I like it when I just figure out alone, but the idiot like me nearly dies with the part where you must use the lighter to get out... So stupid...

Easy peasy........ seriously all you need is the damn crowbar

Very well done! I like the ambiance, the zombies. It was also interesting that instead of a virus type thing it went for a spiritual zombie apocalypse. The sound for the weapon and menu reminded me of Resident Evil. All my 5 are belong to this!