Reviews for "Undead End 2"

Hi, I couldn't play more than 20 minutes coz at a point of the game, the character kept running east as if the running button was always pushed... so couldn't do anything and couldn't defend against zombies. Tried pushing all buttons... without success. It could be cool if you can change the quality ingame, maybe there is, but not easy to find.
So nice game, a few bugs i encountered that ruined the experience but i'll try the game again later, maybe he won't be running like a retard again ! :) Keep up the good work !

dogget76 responds:

Don't click outside of the flash player or the movements keys will mess up. It's a flash player bug on the html not a game's bug. Btw thanks for the comment:)!

Quite a good one for my 13 years of age!

I love the game had a nice old school survival horror feel to it. oh course when you learn the stab shoot stab combo it becomes rather easy. I didnt find the shotgun so lots of ammo for a gun that i dont have. maybe had something to do with the key I found but oh well. as far as the enemies go I did noticed the common zombies head would get a bit glitchy when they tried to bite you. the boomer Id say you to increase the range of its spit because I could keep him at max screen distance and kill him little to no problem. as for the black tar thingy. I loved them they purposed a threat and were scary in a dark room. I jumped a few times finding out they were right behind. bravo on that part I dont jump that easily. and my suggestion you should find guns like the smg or shotgun on corpses of the special unit guys. because where I found the smg just kinda made turn my head and say. WHo the fook would live a perfectly good gun just in the middle of no where!?!?!? just saying it would make more sense to find it in the dead arms of a special forces guy/girl that made there last stand with it. I did enjoy your puzzles as I said it had a all around good survival horror feel to it. I jumped, I panicked and most of all have to think on how to open that freaking combo door 5 out of 5 stars. bravo I loved it and I can't wait for the chapter two

Good game! Some decent problem solving, combat system is simple (in a good way) and a nice variety of monsters to fight. 4 stars