Reviews for "Undead End 2"

I really do like this game make the next chapter more cooler...i wonder if the character will get some kind of ability.. and btw The first hole in the wall you find there will another one in the next place just letting you know cause i almost quit it..

It is a really good game but, i have one question. What is with the bio-waste boob monsters?

this game was good but with the sicking movement buttons is kind of annoying but really ood other than that but that is why i had to give it 4 stars

Great game but I got stuck with the code..


I saw 5 digits; 2 00 76 but I just can't get the damn door open even after trying different combinations of the numbers..

But that said, it's a good game. Music is fitting, graphics are nice to look at and the puzzles are a cool addition.
Looking forward for chapter 2

dogget76 responds:

It's not '00', take a closer look and try something else:). Thanks!

It's not my genre so I wouldn't be able to give a solid criticism. I sucked at it this game but had fun and it looks, feels, plays pretty awesome. Game mechanics are simple easy to learn easy to understand graphics and sound is good imo narrative was good as well. You can add some classic survival horror cheese and sprinkle references here and there. With all chapter imo put it on greenlight/kickstarter or smth like that I'd sign up for it. gj :)