Reviews for "Undead End 2"

Great start to your series. Maybe a tad too easy though. The whole game can be beaten with just a pistol and the axe. Plus your health is ridiculous! It's way to high for this sort of game. My only qualm with the game is that I never found a use for the xp. I never found a shotgun either...but I'm starting to think that was intentional ;P. Keep it up!

I feel dumb but i can't figure out the 5 digit code... i read 2 oo 76 or 2 8 76 or 2 00 76 i have tried multiple combinations.. i like the game only wish i could keep playing but after a hour of confusion i give up.

The art in this game makes up for some annoyances in gameplay (like you have to stay in the same line as the zombie to hit him, not just aim), I like the "get this, use in that" even if there isn any objective... you just there going places, I backtracked 3 times to find nothing new, didn't get the shottie (I thought backtracking to the elevator would lead me to it, but lead me to the boss, this is a very straight lined game until there, weird), there is a huge list of items that aren't there.. but is a great game, the full version is worthy of sale...

really great game i noticed a few bugs, on the above look of the character i could not knife the zombies and the characters walking speed could be a bit faster.

Amazing game! Can't wait for the second chapter