Reviews for "Undead End 2"

Really cool game, bro. The only trouble I had is that, well I'm left handed, so it would be awesome to change controls, so I could use arrow keys instead of the "wasd".
Anyway, I liked it a lot.

This game remind me of The Breach or project flame (the flash games on newgrounds.) Yeah the art in the game is amazing by the way. The puzzles are not that difficult and the game isn't either (which isn't a bad thing.) My only complaint is that you have to be at the same height or line to hit the enemy. The game is pretty good consider this your 2nd game. If you were going for horror though may I suggest you pick scarier music (the author Placeable has a game call snowdrift and infantata now that game music is scary) and to be able to pick up notes from dead bodies to read their final hours. Your art does give off a horror feel to it, it just the music doesn't create the atmosphere of o ****. Also you may want to add upgrades for the next game too. It would be nice to maybe add voice overs the game doesn't need it , but it may help the score. All in all I think the game was great the art was amazing and the enemies were draw well the boss was very interest. You may want to look up the flash games I listed to get a idea of what features you want in the next chapter of the game.

Good controls, but the game was short and too easy, and what about the Emergency locker key? i didn't even get to use it :/

Overall this game has a lot of promise. A few gripes. There are a few areas that the second you appear enemies spawn on top of you leaving you almost no time to react and you have no choice but to eat the damage because the area is to small to run and try to take them out from a decent distance. Controls are tight but the "aiming" feels...not like aiming. The fact you have to be super on the same line as the enemy makes it feel in accurate. My reticule is over the enemy? Why am I not hitting? Oh because they're standing slightly to the bottom. So I'm having to sit there walk up and down while shooting trying to find that sweet spot. The puzzles aren't to challenging but not easy, a nice medium. Polish a few of the issues I brought up and this game would easily receive a 4.5

preety good i like it