Reviews for "Undead End 2"


It's ALMOST there, just needs to be "finished" the top down view is fun, but SLOW. and the aiming overall is weak.
I also find having Q as the "run" button is inconvenient and awkwardly placed.
I like it, but it's not quite there.

Its a pretty nice game,but here are some ways to make it better

1 - put some kind of exp for the character,and with the lv up you can choose a bonus,live 5% more damage,more health

2 - sometimes the zombies on cop mode have to much health ,and the aim nedding to be fixed to get better damage is hard on they running back and on.

3 - make the enemies drop some ammunition for the guns or some little health restorer.

Thats all i can think of,really liked the graphics and gameplay ,keep the good work,and good luck.

got to a part where I had to use a key, the inventory opened, didn't have the key, couldn't close the inventory only quit the game, maybe fix that

I really liked it overall, the environment and the difficulty made it pretty tense at times which i enjoy. The art was good in general, but maybe a little too cartoony with the guy and the zombies in comparison to the backgrounds. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. You obviously put a lot of work into it and it came out above and beyond most flash games.

To be honest I didn't like it :I the animated style was not my kind of style due to the first undead end being pixels. The gameplay is alright, I couldn't really get used to how I need to shoot moving targets yet couldn't hit them, since I was moving the cursor, making my shot very inaccurate. Just walking my character feels somewhat clunky and the main character himself looks kind of silly in an environment meant to be serious. I also don't like how whenever I just walk around Text just appears out of the blue while I'm shooting some zombie. Maybe it's because the first game spoiled me, but I'd expect something better from a sequel to one of my favorite flash games.