Reviews for "Undead End 2"

a great game but down rated for ignoring other users problems

Great game! Slightly spooky, but not scary. Simple yet fun, and it has a puzzle aspect. You have to work for it. Love it!

I just completed the gameI can say that it was pretty well made. Only problem was that I had this "bug" that caused some actions to continue until the button is pressed again (for example moving forward gets stuck until I press it again). It might be caused because I'm playing with my laptop, but maybe others are having similar trouble? It makes the game really awkward to play and causes me to lose all my xp for mistakes that weren't caused by me.
I also feel that the diversity of enemy monsters it guite scarce, but the different variations of fast and slow zombies(?) helps a little.
Also the comment below mine from Aderta, I'm not sure but it seems he didn't try shooting the boxes with a pistol.
Anyways, it's a nice game and I hope you find the will to make the part 2! I hope it will explain more about the events that led to this scenario. Playable flashbacks perhaps?

This game was very well done, from animation to controls, to audio and story. Of course there's the ever present issue of not having a save option, but this just adds on a layer of difficulty to the game, forcing you to make sure you don't screw up, and giving it a classic feel. Another issue is that unless you check your inventory, you haven't any idea how close to death you really are. Avoiding the health bar design may be personal preference but I'd like to see some sort of reference to how injured you are.

I quite enjoyed the puzzle aspect, mixed in with a varying top-down and side-scrolling shooter. This game definitely has a lot of potential and it's by no means wasting it, even if it could be tweaked slightly here and there.

Looking forward to updates and more.

I've scanned through some of the comments and I've yet to find anyone else having this issue..

After breaking the very first box I can not continue. It allows me to walk just enough to collect the experience but then there's just an invisible wall. I've tried breaking the surrounding boxes but to no avail. Even switched to corpse mode and tried shooting them with the shotgun. Clearly he's meant to walk through the group of boxes after breaking the first one but it simply won't let me.
Normally I'd just shrug off minor bugs but this is a game breaker considering I can't even make it past the tutorial. It's consistent as well. Refreshed the page several times, quit the game from the in-game menu, and as mentioned above even switched game modes. Unless I'm being a total dunce and I'm missing something, this might me something to look into.

Such a shame. Looked like a great game.

dogget76 responds:

Maybe because this issue doesn't exist.