Reviews for "Undead End 2"

cant move cant attack cant do shit -.-'' good graphics btw

Played the game, kinda liked it although I would like to offer a few suggestions.

First of all are the controls. I would've preferred that the SHIFT key be used for sprinting instead of Q since that felt counter intuitive especially in tense situations. Also with accessing the inventory and switching weapons, I would suggest perhaps switching the buttons for them: SPACE for weapons and F (or even ESC) for the inventory. Especially with the F key so close to the WASD keys I would often accidentally hit it. Also with weapons, offer the player the option to hot-switch weapons on the fly - I found that having to bring up the weapons selection menu breaks the flow of the game a bit too much. One more thing about the controls are the fact that you need to click on "ACTION" in order to proceed to the next area or to interact with objects. I actually find that very annoying and would've expected for a "Press 'E' to interact" or something on those lines, especially at the point where you need to find and pull that phantom lever - I almost got killed because I had to track my mouse cursor over a long distance in order to click on "ACTION" to pull it.

On other things, the graphics are nice, animation's smooth - can't really find a fault in the graphical side of things. Atmosphere's quite cool too - got a bit spooked whilst playing.

I would like to see this game expanded, and would've given 4 stars if it weren't for the choice of control scheme. So for now, it's 3 stars.

Loved it. Animation's nice. The sound effects and music are solid. The combat made me feel quite claustrophobic at times which is enjoyable given the atmosphere of the game. Can't fault it and never came across any bugs myself.

pensfan23, you need to use a mouse and a keyboard. It's really not that difficult.

this game is crap all that it does is make me walk backwards

So.. When's chapter 2 coming out?