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Reviews for "Equilibria - Unsustainable (Entropy VIP)"

the mix is clean, but I feel like the guitar is kinda drowned out by the bass when it enters :/

gotz that nice driving beat which i do enjoyed alot.

nothng else to say other then thanks for sharing your work out into world. :)

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks man, we're always happy to provide the world with the sounds in our heads!

Thanks for letting us know about the guitar, I didn't notice anything wrong with the guitar and bass playing together when mastering and listening just now, but I'll keep it in mind when I go over all of our tracks in the EP and give them a final touch up master to make things sound better.

Wow. Dat percussion doh.

I really wish I could write percussion like that (I'm grouping in percussive synths also).

I really enjoyed the piece, very well done!

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it!

It's actually not too hard to write percussion like this once you think about it. We just had the electro percussion be on offbeats and the toms that came in later were just slipped in at parts where there wasn't any other percussion once it got moving. It'll sound weird on it's own, but with all the other percussive elements it seamlessly fits in.

Great song dude! I will never get back my $0.00, but this song is worth it.

Dylnmatrix responds:

Haha, thanks!

I find it hard to place exactly what emotion this track makes me feel, and that is generally what I go by in reviews.

So I'll go with the technical standpoints. The pads and drums and wubs, all sound very nice together. It has flow, as jagged as it is with tracks like this. I really like how the build up was through a fade out of the first melody, that was interesting. Choir makes everything epic.

I can't believe it took two years to make this, that is some dedication and it has paid off for sure.

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks man! Glad to hear the hard work paid off in the end!