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Reviews for "The Furnace"

nice game but two questions what was it about and is this even a game

This game is pretty good! The music and style were very gothic and chaotic, which I thought matched well with the story and the themes. The sad was certainly sad (but heartwarming at the end).
Although this is tagged as a non-game, I feel more content (game-play) would have significantly improved the game. Otherwise I quite enjoyed it.

That was emotionally touching and sad. I'm sorry for your loss. That was a kind way to remember your friend and express your emotions.

I hope you feel better.

What a strange game (if you could even call it that). I can't even begin to comprehend what it's all supposed to mean, but then, it seems to be a very personal work for you, so maybe I'm not supposed to. There's barely any gameplay, but what's there is intriguing. It's interesting how moving backwards will make everything rewind, and make that little ghost appear. There's symbolism in that, methinks.

I really like both the graphics and the music, which both felt very authentically 8-bit. Obviously some artistic license was taken, since the NES could never create most of the visual effects in this game, but it's a well-crafted illusion- the backgrounds really look the way digitized photos did back then, and the music seems to adhere to the NES sound chip's limitations.

I really don't know what I just played/watched/whatever. It'd be nice if the game filled up the entire screen, and that there was a more clear point to all of this, but I enjoyed it.

locketheleisz responds:

Thanks for your feedback! The screen issue is fixed :)

Pretty cool but there should be more interactions and the game needs to be explained thoroughly. Great music though!